Thursday, January 18, 2007

An old friend

Isn't it wonderful that after... 8 years... an old friend is "with me" again, supporting me so much?
Agnieszka, dziekuje

Yesterday I didn't cry!

And today I did only for a moment when I was talking to an acquintance about Luukas' little ability to see.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

feeling different

OK, so who thinks that I am different than other moms because I have a baby who develops differently? Or because I didn't breastfeed Luukas after he got out of intensive care? (he could not suck).

I myself have a problem of feeling worse or different. I cry when I see other babies watching around. I don't necessarily dream of seeing friends who have babies at Luukas' age.

Now that I am writing it I feel stupid. Luukas is different but not worse so what on earth am I writing?

But I might cry again next time I see watching babies, anyway.

Monday, January 15, 2007

IN ENGLISH - introduction

Dear Friends, I will sometimes write about my feelings here. So if someone wants to know how I am and to tell me how silly I am, here's the right place :) Welcome :)


Kochani Przyjaciele, dziekuje Wam za chec pomocy i za dobre rady. Pozwolcie, ze nie bede kazdej (kazdego) z Was obarczac moimi stanami ducha na biezaco. Czasami sie bede tutaj wlasnie wywnetrzac i jesli chcecie, to sobie mozecie poczytac i mnie potem opieprzyc za ewentualne zbyt wielkie narzekanie. Juz Wam wspolczuje :)